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I don't drink coffee. Something about the taste of it which is lovely on the first sip, but becomes increasingly gritty and thick on my tongue afterwards, followed by a headache and heart palpitations. The only coffees I've enjoyed to the last drop have been uno piccolo in Italy and in tiramisu. I don't mind a coffee when I really one, but I don't get coffee culture or rely on it as a stimulant to get through the working day.

Naps are better. Straight after lunch, no longer than 20 minutes, headphones on, eyes closed. I got into the habit of it when working in Europe, partly because the work culture I was in there allowed for two hour lunch breaks, but mostly because of my boss whose office door would, every afternoon, be shut with a Post-It note saying Do Not Disturb for about thirty minutes. I followed suit, but only during bad weather. In good weather, I would take myself out to one of the nearby gardens (gorgeous, gorgeous green alpine gardens) and nap under a tree.

And it works! Typically after lunch my brain is just wanting to shut down, it can't focus, and it certainly can't work properly. I can if need be push through the low and get to the point that I'm awake again, but by the time that happens it's over an hour of wasted time later and I feel like crap. After 20 minutes of nap I can sit back at my desk refreshed, awake, and actually be productive.

Sadly, there's no nap culture at my new workplace, or generally in Australia. I'm not letting that stop me; there's a park outside my office with plenty of trees, and I still have a private office with a door that shuts. I have my nap routine down pat: after lunch, lie down either on the grass or the floor of my office, and switch on the music. Tracks 1-4 of ChouChou's Narcolepsy album is perfect (surprise) in providing about 15 minutes of dreamy, near-wordless melodies that naturally changes tempo and energy with track 5, which is the signal to wake up. And then get back to work.

Extra bonus: napping doesn't involve spending $50 a week on takeaway coffee.


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